About Tueller Holsters

Just a little history on myself. When I was a young child my father would make leather items for myself and my siblings. I was always amazed at the work that my dad did. I used to think; "How did my dad create something so neat."  My dad used to buy me leather kits to make on my own. I thought that I did an excellent job and my dad even agreed. Now that I look back at some of the items that I made, I know that my dad was just being a dad. Meaning, that something your kid makes will always look amazing to you....usually.


My dad would always take my siblings and I camping and hunting and would always let us shoot his firearms at stationary targets. All the holsters that my dad had for his guns were ones that he had made himself. I didn't ever really see any other holsters or know what a good quality one was like. All I had to go off of was what my dad had created.


Throughout the years of me growing up, I have had the opportunity to do some amazing things. One of those amazing things is I started getting into shooting competitions. This came about after I spent some time in the military, and my love of getting to use anything that made a loud bang/boom.


I started working for one of the major holster makers for a while and learned how a holster should actually be made. One of the things that we did was focus on the quality and workmanship of each leather product that was produced. I have incorporated what I learned into my own design of holsters. After working for the major holster maker I had worked at a lot of other various places. During that time I continued to make holsters for family, friends and friends of friends. I am a very small shop (converted my garage into my shop) with only myself making the holsters.


I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you a good quality product.





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